Labor Day Weekend
Grove, OK


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Workshop Fees:
Workshop Registration Fee
(before Aug. 15)
Workshop Registration Fee
(after Aug. 15)


ZOOM Registration


More than one family member $85.00 ea.
One Day Only $80.00
Learning Aids:
Special prices for Fiddle Camp Registrants and Instructors only.
Others may order at regular prices at
"You'll Love Fiddlin' Vol. I" book, with CD, by Jana Jae $15.00
"You'll Love Fiddlin' Vol. II" book, with CD, by Jana Jae $15.00
Fiddle Camp T-shirts:
Must be ordered by Aug. 25.
Gray with color logo.  Visit this link for idea of color scheme, use 'Back' Button to return.
 Note: "Jana Jae Fiddle Camp" replaces "Just Fiddlin' Around
Pick-up Ship
Small $12.00
Medium $12.00
Large $12.00
XLarge $12.00
XXLarge $12.00
Meals (optional)
Friday Dinner (per person) $10.00
Saturday Lunch (per person) $7.00
Saturday Dinner (per person) $10.00
Sunday Lunch (per person) $7.00
Snider's Camp Reservations (optional, subject to availability)
RV space (per night) $12.00
Tent space (per night) $8.00


With your completed registration you will receive an e-mail confirmation within a few days.  Please bring this with you to the Workshop.

Please when finished with above order Click here to fill out a form so know about your fiddle/violin interests and skills.

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