What is Clogging and Where Did It Come From?

Clogging is a folk dance of the Appalachians. The dance dates back over four hundred years and was brought to America by immigrants. Everybody who has studied the dance generally agree it came to America through our English ancestry. But the English weren’t the only people who had a folk dance that could be called clogging. The Dutch had a much older dance of this variety. The Scotch, Irish, Germans and Italians also had a step dance that could be identified as clogging.

The history of the dance is difficult to trace. It is a folk dance, and like a folk song, it was never written down but passed from generation to generation.

Clogging is an important part of our American Heritage and has existed in the Appalachian Region since the original settlers arrived and has always been associated with Appalachian Square Dancing, hoe-downs and Big Circle Mountain Dances.

Now clogging is popular everywhere and has spread from the Appalachian Mountains all over the country. Some of the best in the nation are here at our Festival and the competition is sanctioned by America’s Clogging Hall of Fame.


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