What motels/hotels are within walking distance of the Grove Civic Center?
The Timber Ridge (Best Western), Grand Motel, Honeycreek Motel and Hickory Inn are within walking distance.

Twin Fiddle - Is it one entry fee for both participants?
Yes, only one entry fee for both participants.

Honeycreek Special - What is it and what are the rules?
Also known as "Gambler's Draw," the Honeycreek Special is a fun and informal contest held Friday night at Snider's Camp.  Contestants draw tunes from a hat and play them as best they can.  If the judges can even recognize the tune, the contestant advances to the next round.  The last one standing wins.

Take Me Back to Tulsa - Is this an individual performance or can two or more persons be considered as one contestant?
The best rendition of a Bob Wills tune.  Can be an individual or a group, including a fiddle.

I am mailing the registration for my daughter's entry fee in the Jr. Jr. category.  Does she also need an event pass...
All registered contestants and accompanists receive a complimentary all-event pass upon arrival, so your daughter will have access to all events for the weekend!

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