Ozark Wildfire

Growing up in the Ozarks, four cousins have been playing instruments and singing since they were little.  These dynamic duos play everything from fiddles to banjo’s.  The two brother/sister teams play string quartet, bluegrass, country, gospel and everything in between.  Collectively they play seventeen different instruments.  Their unique style and harmonies are fresh!  The band plays at churches, community events and other scheduled activities. The Clays and Cowins attend Lifeway Christian School in Centerton, AR.  Rebekah Clay, 17; Levi Clay, 14; Hannah Cowin, 17; and Matthew Cowin, 15, are all from Pineville, MO and live next door to each other.  Hannah and Bekah are accepted to attend Crowder College this summer.  They plan to continue with the music they love! 

Contact us to schedule an event: Cheri Cowin at 479-633-1363


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