2014 American Heritage Music Festival

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Open Fiddle Competition Winner
Tom Weisgerber


Adult Fiddle Competition Winner
Michael Thompson


Senior Fiddle Competition Winner
Gary Johnston


Junior Fiddle Competition Winner
Regina Scott


JrJr Fiddle Competition Winner
Tanner Marriott


2014 American Heritage Music Festival
National Fiddle Contest Winners

Open Division

  1. Tom Weisgerber, St. Peter, MN; ($1,000)
  2. Zirl (Bubba) Hopkins, Southlake, TX;  
  3. Jake Duncan, Jenks, OK;      
  4. Cody Marriott, Ava, MO;
  5. Shawn, Howe, Welch, OK;  
  6. Isaac Stipp, Grand Prarie, TX;
  7. Emma Jane Pendleton, Tulsa, OK;
  8. Hannah Cowin, Pineville, AR & Bekah Clay, Bella Vista, AR

Senior Division

  1. Gary Johnston, Nevada, MO
  2. Gerry Lay, Hominy, OK
  3. Richard Harness, Stover, MO

Adult Division

  1. Michael Thompson, Rose, OK
  2. Douglas Thompson, Rose, OK
  3. Sandra Coleman, Tulsa, OK

Junior Division

  1. Regina Scott, Tulsa, OK
  2. Savannah Shannon, Fordland, MO
  3. Glenn Sigler, Joplin, MO

Junior Junior Division

  1. Tanner Marriott, Ava, MO
  2. Jacob Lai. Broken Arrow, OK
  3. Riley Meyerkorth, Ottawa, KS

Honeycreek Special Gamblers’ Contest

  1. Brad Hawkins

Dobro Contest

  1. Ken Plummer
  2. Bruce Johnson
  3. James Muns

Flatpicking Contest

  1. Ken Plummer
  2. Carman Davanzo
  3. Michael Foust

Banjo Contest

  1. Nick Devanzo
  2. Ken Plummer
  3. Levi Clay

Mandolin Contest

  1. Brandon Foust
  2. Monica Davanzo
  3. Kaytlin Walker

Take Me Back To Tulsa

  1. Gerry Lay Group
  2. Shawn Howe Group
  3. Jake Duncan Group

The Jukebox Contest

  1. Gerry Lay Group
  2. Cowin/Clay Group
  3. Emma Pendleton Group

Twin Fiddle Contest

  1. Zirl Hopkins/Tom Weisgerber
  2. Glenn Sigler/Edith Sigler
  3. Bekah Clay/Hannah Cowin

Hot Fiddle Contest

  1. Shawn Howe
  2. Regina Scott
  3. Emma Jane Pendleton


  1. Simon Stipp
  2. Gerry Lay
  3. Tom Weisgerber

2014 AHMF Grand Champion Masters Clogging Team

Sooner Explosion from Grove, OK.   Sooner Explosion Director is Jason Davis from Grove, OK ($1,000)

AHMF Plaque Awards 2014

P. T. Riley

Jr. Jr. Achievement for the Outstanding Young Fiddler 10 yrs or younger

Jacob Lai

Ace Sewell Achievement Award for the Outstanding Young Fiddler age 11-15

Savannah Shannon

Congeniality Award voted by contestants

Simon Stipp

Ed & Marie Richmond Memorial for the Fiddler Showing Most Progress

Lydia Malkemus

Bill Kay Memorial Award for the Outstanding Young Musician Other Than Fiddler

Brandon Foust

Youngest Fiddler

Colton Smith

Oldest Fiddler

Gary Johnston

Richard R. Smith Memorial Award for Outstanding Music Educator

Junior Marriott

Jim Thompson Memorial Award for Outstanding Role Model

Emma Jane Pendleton

W. E. Rohde Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement

Jake Duncan